Education Hub

We’ve brought together a range of materials focused on environmental topics. Take a moment to learn about the brilliant work of the Frank Field Education Trust or look at our tree quiz, which offers a more colourful route into engaging with nature.

Frank Field Education Trust

Learn more about the inspiring work of the Frank Field Education Trust.

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RFS Junior Forester Award

Through a special edition of the RFS Junior Forester Award, children will be able to plant and learn how to care for trees in their school grounds.

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Tree Quiz

Put your tree knowledge to the test with this fun tree quiz and learn some incredible tree facts along the way.

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Tree diseases and pests

Learn how tree diseases and pests spread, along with links to resources that will help you identify common tree diseases and pests.

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Protecting Ancient Woodland

Find out why we need to protect ancient woodland and what QGC are doing to protect these spectacular habitats.

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Tree Tools for Schools

Learn more about The Woodland Trust’s Tree Tools for Schools resource, which features a range of interactive activities.

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