Frank Field Education Trust

The  Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC) encourages schools across the UK to get involved and “Plant a Tree for the Jubilee”.  There are many ways schools can get involved, from planting a tree to developing curriculum-based activities related to tree planting to explain to young people why trees are important.

To help inspire schools The Queen’s Green Canopy will be working with the Frank Field Educational Trust (FFET) to develop materials and lesson plans for classrooms and extra curricular clubs. Rt, Hon. Frank Field is the chair of the trust and is also one of the originators of the QGC, sitting on our board.

The Trust  is currently developing the materials that will help to educate and inspire school children around tree planting.

The Frank Field Education Trust (FFET) is a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) formed with the explicit intention of delivering world-class education: academic excellence, a rich curriculum and wider opportunities to all children, including the most disadvantaged in our society, to promote social justice.

The Trust endeavours to provide opportunities for pupils to showcase their creativity and passion whilst engaging our pupils in the message of the interconnectivity of people and nature on planet Earth. The Queen’s Green Canopy are looking forward to working with the FFET, whose resources will help deliver a lifelong message that will enrich pupils’ futures and improve our community.

The Trust looks forward to sharing exciting activities and resources with The Queen’s Green Canopy.

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