QGC Map Information

Here you can find information on how to use the QGC Map, a digital record of the Jubilee tree planting projects across the United Kingdom. This page features helpful information on how you can add your Jubilee tree to our map, enabling you to celebrate your contribution and inspire others to start planting.

Using the QGC Map

To record your planting, first take a photo of yourself with your tree, then submit details by clicking the “add your tree” button on the map.

The Jubilee tree plantings will appear as individual pins on the map, which will be randomised within a 1 km radius of the planting location in order to protect privacy.

As an interactive platform in collaboration with Google, the QGC map works in the same way as a Google Map, where information is revealed as the user navigates an area, using the zoom function to generate more specific details. The level of detail provided will depend on the navigation and level of zoom.

Pins and numbers on the QGC Map

Although the pins will appear as individual plantings, they will cluster by area depending on the level of zoom. The clusters will increase and decrease in size, as users zoom in and out of the QGC map.

As users zoom in, the clusters will separate into smaller clusters of plantings. If users continue to zoom in, the clusters will eventually become single Jubilee tree pins.

As users zoom out, the clusters will increase in size, appearing as green circles which will feature numbers inside them. Please note the numbers represent the amount of pins on the map, not the number of trees planted. For example, if a school was to plant 20 trees, this would appear as one pin on the QGC Map.

Approval Process for Pins: Safeguarding our users and privacy

For safeguarding and moderation purposes, submissions will require approval before appearing on the QGC map. This will happen within a 48 hour period.

Once your submission has been approved you will receive a confirmation email with a QGC virtual plaque that can be shared on social media.

Following submission, the location of your Jubilee tree will be randomised within a 1km radius of the submitted location. This is to protect the privacy of our users. Read about our commitment to your privacy.