Get involved

All schools are encouraged to actively engage with the QGC. Schools can get involved with tree planting through our partner the Woodland Trust’s Free Trees for Schools and Communities Scheme. Across 2021 and 2022 they have over three million saplings in tree packs, available on a first come first served basis.

In addition to this, the QGC will make contact with as many state schools in the UK as possible to arrange free trees through our partner organisations. The number of free trees available will depend on donations received.

Tree planting season is officially October to March. See below our PLAN about where to plant and how to secure a healthy tree which is right for your location. 

From October, your school can photograph your Jubilee tree and upload it on to the QGC map

You may also wish to mark the occasion with a commemorative plaque. The QGC is offering a physical, as well as a virtual commemorative plaque option, in keeping with an environmental initiative. Please visit our commemorative plaque page for more details.

1. Plan

Learn about tree planting season, where to plant, and how to secure a tree.

2. Plant

Discover tree planting “best practice” and how to plant your own.

3. protect

Learn how you can give your tree the best chance of flourishing.