Frequently Asked Questions


Please find below a list of frequently asked questions around The Queen’s Green Canopy. Thank you for your interest in this special initiative and we hope the below answers your question.

Do I have to buy a tree?

As part of The Queen’s Green Canopy, The Woodland Trust will be providing 3 million saplings free of charge to schools. Individuals hoping to plant a tree will need to purchase a sapling.  If you would like to be involved with The Queen’s Green Canopy, but wouldn’t like to plant your own tree, please visit our donate page. There you can “Gift a tree for the Jubilee” by contributing to two different causes: Trees for cities and schools; and Trees in Memoriam. Please visit the DONATE page to find out more.   

Where do I buy trees from?

Trees can be acquired from local tree nurseries. If possible, we recommend acquiring a tree from a certified tree nursery. This will help ensure the tree you buy is healthy and less likely to spread pests and disease. The Plant Healthy Certification Scheme and OHAS Growers Standard are examples of the kind of certifications to look out for. Our PLAN page outlines further details on how to buy a tree.

How much land do I have to have?

The Queen’s Green Canopy would like to encourage everyone from across the United Kingdom to get involved with the initiative. This ranges from individuals planting a tree in their garden to landowners planting future forests. As such, there is no minimum land requirement to get involved.

Where can I plant my tree?

The most important consideration when choosing location is ensuring that you have the landowner’s permission. Following this, there are other considerations to be made such as the tree’s growth potential and whether neighbouring properties need to be notified. Visit our PLAN page to find out more about where you can plant your tree.   

When can I plant my tree?

Tree planting season runs between October and March; during this time a majority of trees are dormant and less likely to be damaged during relocation for planting. With this in mind, The Queen’s Green Canopy project recommends planting trees during this period only.  Is planting a tree difficult?  Planting a tree doesn’t have to be difficult at all. The Queen’s Green Canopy has developed the PLAN, PLANT, PROTECT model to provide guidance for all levels on how to plant a tree. By following these steps you’ll learn not only how to plant a tree, but how to do it sustainably, giving your tree the best chance of survival.    

Will there be a tree for every school?

Our Partner The Woodland Trust will be giving out free trees for schools, information about how to apply for your tree can be found on our website in the PLAN section. The Woodland Trust will consider all the applications. If your school does not get a free tree pack you can purchase your own from a local nursery. You can choose a tree to match your budget and fundraise locally to buy your tree.   

How do I get my QGC plaque?

Later in the year the QGC website will provide a list of suggested plaque suppliers, offering a range of QGC plaques at various costs. If you have a local supplier you wish to use, a template will be available to download. All plaques will include the same wording and logo in the same style.

If my trees are part of the Queen’s Green Canopy does this grant the public access to the land?

No, these will not be subject to any access requirements. Where possible we do encourage landowners to enable everyone to enjoy the QGC woodland, but this is optional.

Can I get Carbon Credits from my QGC planting?

In some cases, yes. If you have your own land to plant on then you can claim the carbon credits from the trees you plant there. If you decide to team up with one of our expert tree planting organisations and fund their tree planting, this is something that would have to be negotiated with your tree planting delivery partner. It will depend on a case by case basis.   

Do I have to plant Native trees to be part of the QGC?

No, the trees do not need to be native to be part of the QGC. It is very important however that you plant the right trees, in the right place. See our tree planting guidance on the PLAN section of our website for advice on this.