Cool Earth

Building on the successful Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy (QCC) project, Cool Earth’s Trustees Samantha Cohen and Lord Frank Field were indispensable in developing The Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC) – a UK-wide tree planting initiative – and the pair continue to provide guidance and leadership on our board. Cool Earth, led by Matthew Owen, are the hosts of QGC, enabling the initiative through the provision of necessary infrastructure.

Cool Earth is the international climate charity working alongside communities living in the world’s most threatened rainforest, helping local people halt deforestation and fight climate change.

The charity believes rainforest is most effectively protected by the people who call it home. This is only possible when local people who are best placed to manage and protect rainforest are put first. Ensuring local people plan, develop and lead Cool Earth’s work is what sets the charity apart from conventional conservation NGOs.

Cool Earth supports local and indigenous knowledge to develop innovative ways to address threats to the forest, while making communities stronger and more resilient, sharing the best ways to protect rainforest through a network of partnerships around the world.

To date, Cool Earth has worked with communities living in rainforest to protect over 250,000 hectares of at-risk forest, within 13 partnerships in six countries worldwide; Cameroon, Cambodia, Mozambique, Peru, the Congo Basin and Papua New Guinea.

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