Forest Canopy Foundation

The Forest Canopy Foundation (FCF) is made up of independent, private sector forestry companies who manage an innovative scheme, combining public and private finance and landowner interest to achieve woodland planting that all can be proud of. Offering quality and assurance, FCF implements successful woodland creation with high carbon yields and valuable natural capital.

The Queen’s Green Canopy is delighted to partner with The Forest Canopy Foundation, which will offer:

    • Expert advice on tree planting for companies and others wishing to participate. This will be particularly important for corporates and those wishing to do more extensive planting.
    • A nationwide planting service of FCF delivery partners who can help with the logistics including sourcing, planting and aftercare.
    • Assistance, advice and support with individual projects.
    • Design of a bespoke QGC Tree Guard and the production of this.
    • Access to our network of landowners and knowledge of the industry.

For the government’s tree planting targets to be achieved, there needs to be a major increase in woodland creation. The government is currently working on multifaceted funding mechanisms that will encourage landowners to consider forestry and other environmental schemes.

FCF has developed a blended finance proposal to enrich the government’s environmental dedication money, based on previous successful mechanisms through the National Forest. This enrichment involves investment in carbon sequestration from corporates with unavoidable emissions.

The scheme is managed by FCF who will broker an agreement between landowner and corporate. Their projects will be funded through a combination of government grants and corporate investments/ESG donations and carbon investment.  All of the FCF’s woodland creation projects are verified by Grown in Britain (GiB) against their Woodland Creation Standard. Accordingly, all planting projects will be maintained and audited for at least 25 years to the GiB standard.

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